Gürtaş Electric in 1979, Mehmet – Mustafa and Hasan Dursun was founded by, from 2012 onwards the co-founders of the deceased Mehmet Dursun’s son Harun Dursun ownership activities are continuing priority and permanent target, QUALITY with the mission to serve their customers are. In this direction, we have produced especially, ceramic casting filters, ignition electrodes and Heater Resistance on porcelain; “Döktaş Dökümcülük, BMC, Ak Döküm, Alarko Carrier, Baymak” as the market’s leading provider of services to offer.

Gürtaş electrical service as the price / performance and durability at the forefront of understanding by keeping our credibility in the industry for many years are continuing. Our products, Tekirdağ / Çorlu which has an area of 4,000 m2 are manufactured in our own factory.

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